Automatic Weighing and Double Bundle Noodle Packing manufacturer Mac best hine

Product Description

Automatic CZPT ghing and Double Bundle Noodle Packing CZPT

Function :
This product complies with CZPT company’s corporate standard Q/HKJ003-2018, and the standard number is BK250-23S. It is a double tying strapping machine with a maximum packaging weight of 250 grams and a CZPT est packaging speed of 23 ties per minute.
This product is mainly used for double strapping of dried noodles, and it is also widely used for double strapping of other CZPT materials (such as pasta, rice noodles, Indian incense, etc.).

This product is mainly divided into seven parts:
1. Frame part: play a supporting role;
2. Transmission part: including gears, sprockets, sheaves, cams, rocker arms, connecting rods and other components, which play the role of transmitting CZPT ;
3. Grip part: finish the material grabbing, clamping, and rotating belt;
4. The transportation part: the transportation of materials and the sorting of materials during the transportation process have been completed;
5. Paper feeding part: plays the role of storing and delivering cable ties;
6. Hot-cutting part: Tighten, hot-close and cut the twisted cable ties;
7. CZPT ctrical part: Contains electrical components and related supporting parts, providing control.

Technical specification 

Object noodle, Spaghetti, CZPT pasta, incense stick
Length of the noodle (180~260mm)± 5.0mm
Thickness of the noodle   0.6~1.4mm
Width of the noodle  
Diameter of the roll 15mm-30mm; 35mm-50mm
Dimensions of the paper roll 12mm-30mm
Packing rate 10~23rolls/min
Weight range 100g~250g
Exact value 200~500g, ± 2.0g- 96%
 Size 1400×1000×1500(mm

Product’s Advantage
1, Our packing machine use high-quality imported components, Chinese characters supporting touch screen, PLC, which is easy to operate. CZPT speed is controlled by inverter and can work synchronized production with other system. with anti-theft device.
2, Contact food use the high quality stainless steel material, meets the food sanitation requirement.
3, Using automated train control system, Only one person to operate or control.
4, Adpoted latest technology and massify design. CZPT operating life. Finish double-slat packing one time.



Our Advantages:
1. Reliable Quality———-We Established in 2004, is one of the most professional noodle packing machine manufacturer in CZPT . Our packing machine adopt the latest technology from Japan, Germany and other developed countries.  
2. Big Market Potential—-Our Packing CZPT s occupy 80% of market share in Chinese noodle packing industry. And export to EU, Africa, CZPT Asia, Mid-east etc, for over hundred sets machines every year. Many first-class companies are using CZPT machine, such as Cofco, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. food group, Selva, Zed Black etc.
3. Product Variety————Our products include automatic noodle weighing and packing machine, automatic noodle bundling and packing machine, automatic sealing &shrink packing machine and other packing machine etc. And CZPT packing machine main using in the food industry, Including noodle, spaghetti, snacks and pasta etc. 

4. CZPT Service—————–We responsible for training the technicians of buyer’s company to operate this packing machine independent in CZPT or CZPT engineer get to buyer’s country for assembling and training. Of cource, In order to help CZPT ers to improve production efficiency, save resources and reduce production costs. We can design packing machine according to the CZPT er’s specific.

1,  Q:  Are you trading company?
     A:  We are maunufacuturer of food packing machine with 20 years experiance , and more than 30 engineer, who can design the machine according to your special request.
2,  Q:  What is your machine packing for?
     A: Our packing machine is for many kind of food,  chinese noodle, rice noodle, CZPT pasta, spaghetti, incense stick, instant noodle,  biscuit , candy, sause, powder, ect
3,  Q: How many countries have you exported to?
      A: we have exported to more than 40 countries, such as : canada, turkey, malaysia, holland,  india, ect.
4,  Q: What is your delivery time?
     A: 30-50days. for special request, we can delivery the machine within 20 days.
5,  Q: What about aftersales service.
     A:  we have 30 aftersales service stuff, who have experiane to privide service overseas,  will to the assemble the machine and train the CZPT er’s workers when machine arrives