Cus factory tom Sizes of Sp manufacturer rocket Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel

Product Description

[We produce the best accessories for noodle machines around the world]
Sprocket: It’s used for any industries of machines.
Made by stainless steel or carbon steel.
Our company design,custom and manufacture any size of sprocket based on CZPT er’s detailed requirements.
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About us:

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. county CZPT gong machinery Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise professionally engaged in research & development, manufacture and sales of supporting shredder-noodle cutter for machines and equipment to produce instant noodles, stick noodles, rice noodles, etc.
Our company owns mature design capacities, cutting-edge processing techniques, sophisticated production equipments, rich manufacture experience, rigorous processing flows, professional and meticulous inspecting system to produce accessories of noodles machine tailored for every CZPT er.
Relying on sincere cooperation, aggressive spirit and perfect after-sales service management system, we aim to win recognition and satisfaction of CZPT ers and become a CZPT worthy cooperative partner of you.