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Product Description

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-silage baler/corn silage baler/ baler machine/corn silage baler and wrapper


1.Usage of the Corn silage baler 


The corn silage baler belongs to a fixed strapping machine. It is a machine that can feed and bale the rolled corn stalks. The bundled corn stalk has a high density and is convenient for storage of the wrap. The machine also can bale dry fresh grasses and is one of the necessary equipment for the livestock husbandry industry.
2.Specifications of the Corn silage baler

Electric type full automatic
corn silage baler
Rated CZPT of baler 5.5KW
Rated CZPT of wrapper machine 0.55KW
Size 3350*1270*1400mm
Machine weight 650KG
Number of coating layers 1~8 layers/bale
Coating speed 8s/layer
Bale size 550*520mm
Bale weight 15-95KG/Bale
Production efficiency 45~60bales/hour         3.5~6 tons/hour
Rated speed 350r/min

3.The purpose and advantages of corn silage baler

(1)Silage baler round bale wrapping machine is one of special equipments for silage and micro-encapsulation. With this machine, bundled fresh straws and fresh straw round bales can be automatically coated.

(2)The silage machine can adjust the time controller for two-layer, three-layer, four-layer and six-layer.

(3)The native coated silage bales can be preserved for 1-2 years with the machine bundled.

(4)This silage baler machine is used with the same type of strapping machine.

(5)This machine has the advantages of reliable and compact film coating compared with similar products at home and abroad, good stretching effect, flexible and convenient operation, and saving about 25% of the use of film.

4.Corn Silage Baler CZPT lights

Technical Parameters.

Match CZPT : 0.55kw
Wrap size: φ550*520mm
Wrap layers: 2-6 layers
Wrap efficiency:
24s/2 layers per bale    34s/3 layers per bale
46s/4 layers per bale    68s/6 layers per bale


Main transmission mechanism: Mounted in the middle of the left and right wall plate.
1) The main transmission mechanism is used to complete the main components of baled.
2) It consists of 30 aluminum alloy round rollers with herringbone pattern. Each round roller has a sprocket at the outer end of the center shaft and is connected by three hanging chains.


Rotary frame structure:
Mounted in the upper middle of the machine, it is used to carry bundles of pasture that have been bundled to complete the coating process.

5.Corn Silage Baler Details

 There are three model of corn silage baler 
1.Electric Silage Baler
2.Diesel Silage Baler
3.Combined CZPT ctric&Diesel Silage Baler

6.Product Qualification
Guoan Baler has CE certification for each product, we will give each equipment with a CE certification card to ensure that CZPT product quality and reliable.

7.Packing & CZPT

Corn Silage baler packed with wood case
Number of units shipped in container
20FT Container can load 4 sets corn silage baler
40FT Container can load 8 sets corn silage baler


8.After Sales Service
1) 12 month warrranty
2) Baler Parts Delivery in 3-5days during warranty period
3) Video of working provided
4) Commen problem soloved in time
5) 24 hours service,Online instant chat to reply in time.

9.Company Profile

HangZhou Guoan CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd founded in 2006, is a comprehensive technology company integrating scientific research, production, sales and services. We have 11 years’ experiences of mechanical development and production. We have more than 200 employees, 30 R&D engineer, a number of petented technologies, and we have CE and ISO 9001 certification.We focus on product quality. We supply agricultural parts for CZPT and LOVOL about 20 years, CZPT and LOVOL are the biggest agricultural machine company in CZPT . We good at casting with high quality, and all the baler parts are produced by CZPT selves except rubber, plastic, bearing, pump parts. We have a complete set of quality control system and we can completely control the quality of CZPT baler.

1) Can the machine be equipped with a diesel engine? How much horsepower of the diesel engine? How to start the diesel engine?
Yes, it can be equipped with diesel engine. The diesel engine is diesel generator set, it can provide electricity to CZPT and film wrapping machine. The diesel engine is 15hp air-cooled diesel engine. It is an electric starter diesel engine.

2) How much kw of CZPT and film wrapping machine?
Air compressor is 5.5kw and film wrapping machine is 1.1kw.

3) What kind of baler machine can use net instead of rope? How wide and CZPT is a bundle of nets, and how many bales can a bundle of nets pack? What is the difference between bundling with a rope and bundling with a net?
 Automatic baler machine both can use net and rope. The width of one bundle of net is 51cm and its length is 2000m. One bundle of net can pack 350-400bales. The cost of bundling with a rope is low, the rope can be eaten. The efficiency of bundling with a net is high. A bundle of net is more expensive than a bundle of rope and net cannot be eaten..

4) How CZPT can the bales be stored?
About 2-3 years.

5) When the bin is opened, does the bale fall onto the wrapping machine automatically or does someone need to push the bale onto the wrapping machine?
When the bin door is opened, the bales will fall into the position of the wrapping machine automatically for wrapping.

6) How wide and CZPT is the plastic film? How many bales can a bundle of plastic film pack?
 The width of film is 25cm and its length is 1800m. If you want to wrap the bale 2 layers, one bundle of film can pack 80 bales. 3 layers is 55 bales.

If you have any questions, you can send an inquiry to us, and we will answer it in time. Any suggestion or idea you have is an important factor for CZPT continuous progress. Appreciated to your letter.