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Product Description

We can offer:
1. CZPT pean standard drive sprockets & plate wheels
2. CZPT ican standard sprockets
3. CZPT pean Standard Finished bore CZPT
4. Taper Lock CZPT s
5. “QD”Sprockets
6. CZPT pean Standard Idler CZPT s ( CZPT s installed)
7. CZPT ican Standard Idler CZPT s
8. Double Pitch CZPT s
9. Double Pitch CZPT s
10. CZPT pean standard plate wheels and sprockets for conveyor Chain
11. CZPT ican standard Double Single CZPT s
12. CZPT s for Table CZPT sprockets
13. CZPT steel sprocket
14. Cast iron CZPT s
15. Weld on sprockets
16. Instant CZPT s
17. CZPT s for CZPT Chains
18. CZPT ican standard 800 series conveyor sprockets
19. Special sprockets Made acc. To CZPT ers’ requirements.

We are main suppliers of all kind of industry sprocket, industrial chain sprockets, chain sprocket, wheel, sprockets wheel, sprocket, motorcycle wheel, special sprockets, agricultural sprocket, auto sprocket, car sprocket, agricultural sprocket, truck sprocket, stainless steel sprocket, crank wheel, double sprockets and so on. CZPT CZPT er welcomed!
Our sprocket is produced by CNC machines and quality well controlled

TYPE 04B-48B
STHangZhouRD American,European Standard

HangZhou CZPT Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of a full range of sprockets.

Due to CZPT sincerity in offering best service to CZPT clients, understanding of your needs and overriding sense of responsibility toward filling ordering requirements, we have obtained the CZPT of buyers CZPT . Having accumulated precious experience in cooperating with foreign CZPT ers, CZPT products are selling well in the CZPT ican, CZPT pean, South CZPT ican and Asian markets.Our products are manufactured by modern computerized machinery and equipment. Meanwhile, CZPT products are manufactured according to high quality standards, and complying with the international CZPT d standard criteria.

With many years’ experience in this line, we will be CZPT ed by CZPT advantages in competitive price, one-time delivery, prompt response, on-hand CZPT support and good after-sales services.

Additionally, all CZPT production procedures are in compliance with ISO9001 standards. We also can design and make CZPT -standard products to meet CZPT ers’ special requirements. Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. We will provide best services and high quality products with all sincerity. If you need any information or samples, please contact us and you will have CZPT soon reply.