Roller Chain Sprocket Conv manufacturer eyor Tensioner Double Bike Tr factory ansmission Instant Drive Taper Engineer Class Gear Duplex Stainless Steel Industrial Aluminum Sprockets

Product Description

Roller Chain CZPT CZPT Tensioner Double Bike Transmission Instant CZPT Taper Engineer Class Gear Duplex CZPT Steel CZPT CZPT sprockets 


The roller chain sprockets can be divided into three styles with different outer diameters and technique data.

The type A roller chain sprocket has the simplest structure, which is plain and without any extensions on both side. It offers a stable and secure attachment to the shaft. The type B and type C roller chain sprockets have one hub extensions on one or both side to provide stability, and allow for the use of full-depth keyways and standard setscrews to attach the sprocket. They can also accommodate a wide range of shafts.