Stainless Steel Hone near me ycomb Flat Strip Conveyor factory Belt

Product Description

Different Type CZPT Belt



Product Description

The honeycomb belt is an open grid belt made of flat wire strips connected to each other by straight rods and pulled by specific sprockets. This belt is suitable for cleaning processes, cooking, cooling, products transfers, drying material and water treatment.

Production name horseshoe conveyor belt mesh, honeycomb conveyor belt, u shape honeycomb conveyor belt, Great Wall Honeycomb Wire Mesh CZPT Belt


304 316 316L 310S 430 stainless steel rod and plate, galvanized steel rod and plate

Overall belt width( A)

20cm-200cm, we can do it as your requirement

Cross rod pitch (B)

25mm, 30mm, CZPT ized

Cross rod diameter (C)

3mm, CZPT ized

Up opening width (D)

10mm, CZPT ized

Down opening width (E)

15mm, CZPT ized, 

Flat strip thickness by width(F)

1.2mm x10mm, CZPT ized
Feature * high strength loading

* high air permeability and dehydration capacity because of its large openning area.
* easy to clean.



* CZPT steel CZPT Honeycomb mesh conveyor belts is widely used in glass industry, food processing industry.
* Wire mesh conveyor belt is widely used in areas such as cement, metallurgy, casting, chemical transport materials.
* Wire mesh conveyor belt can be used for high temperature resistant, resistant to burn conveyor belt, electronic balance tear conveyor belt etc
* Instant noodles and rice industry;

Packaging & CZPT

HORSESHOE CONVEYOR BELT PACKAGE: by pallets or by plywood case

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Chain link conveyor belt / Spiral food conveyor belt is made of the chain and the transverse support rod on both sides of the general conveyor belt, the sprocket is driven, and the net belt is fixed with wide band without deformation

Benefits of Balanced Spiral belt include straight-running operation, an excellent strength to weight ratio and an extremely wide variety of mesh specifications to suit each individual application.
1. It can be the delivery of granular materials, can also be carried into the delivery of items.
2. Suitable for high density transportation in small.
3. Smooth motion, strong
4. Convenient installation and replacement,high cost,long service life.

Flat flex conveyor belts are usually gear transmission belt, with good ventilation advantages, tension evenly, fine workmanship, the flat flex belts with a flexible rotation, good stability, CZPT temperature, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, CZPT life and so on.

Flat flex conveyor belts are used with a single-layer structure, lighter, the use of sprocket drive. Large open area (opening 70-85%), often used in the lighter weight of the product cooling, frying, baking, drying, heating, decoration, wrapped powder and packaging equipment. 

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